Relinquishing Motherhood

It is usually my custom to simply pass on the wisdom of others. But this was a sort of “last straw” for me in this latest volley from those who use the plight of the marginalized to promote their diabolical agenda and so I must speak for myself. 
I had roughly four mothers by the time I was one year old: My biological mother, the woman (or women) who cared for me in the orphanage, a foster mother, and finally the woman I knew as my mother – who died when I was seven years old. My father never remarried.
Contrary to the number of mothers I had, I can say, with tears even now, how much I would give for even a little more of my mother. To me motherhood is a vast treasure of life and goodness whose breadth and width and depth can never be plumbed. In theological language, it is a mystery.
Our presidents words in his Mothers’ Day Proclamation are Orwellian social manipulation of the highest order and one cannot oppose it enough. All mothers and every child with even the slightest affection for their mother and the other mothers in their lives, should stop the wheels of these United States until he makes a retraction. This would be a minimal response. 
Do you remember two weeks ago when progressives rightly stated that the number of bathroom problems caused by the gender dysphoric would be insignificant so we shouldn’t worry about it (as if that was our only concern)? Now President Obama has specifically included the gender dysphoric in his Mothers’ Day proclamation.  Why doesn’t he include imprisoned mothers, dying mothers, mothers who have lost children, mothers whose children have been lured into sex trafficking, mothers who are have drug addicted children, mothers of military service members? Why? Because a social-engineering goldmine has unexpectedly fallen into his lap and he is riding the wave like he always has, making the most of every chance to gain goodwill as the champion of the downtrodden, while undermining any remnants of the social order once known as Western (Christian) Civilization so he can supplant them with something he and his fellow progressives can control. What is this goldmine? The opportunity to displace something as biologically and objectively obvious as motherhood with the feel-good experience of standing with him as cheerleader and champion for this oft-maligned and unjustly discriminated group. It must be understood that the progressive’s goal, whatever it may be, supersedes the constraints of objective reality that so problematically (for the progressive) rears it’s head. Problems like the objective nature of DNA and sexual reproduction, act as obstacles to the progress to nowhere unless some stronger subjective force can be placed in opposition to it.

So the introduction of the unjustly treated people group into his proclamation goes unchallenged by most for the sake of our knee-jerk attempts at social reparations – which we are eager to pay, even at the cost of further rendering the actual conception, gestation and life-threatening delivery of babies as insignificant (I find it funny how the progressives pay no attention to conscience rights but have no problem with conscience manipulation). For all the accolades given to this president for his keen intellect and out-of-the-box thinking, in this regard he is a one trick pony. How many times has this president used some real or apparent victim as a means to garner greater political control, government intrusion and as justification for dismissing millenia of Judeo-Christian thought. The list is staggering. The real concern though, should not be the skirmishes that have dotted this presidency, but the long game that requires patience and will be handed off to the president’s successors and other progressives situated in all roles of government and society.
So what is at play in this latest, barely noticed coup? Let’s start with the simple biology that we are being asked to place aside. Is the propagation of the species not hard wired into our beings as humans? Is it not male and female that come together with their sexual complementarity to create human life? Are not mothers actually mothers in their physical being? Of course they are! But if you can blur this line then a whole new level of social manipulation becomes possible.
Why are we being asked to detach our thinking from male and female, one of the most fundamental objective realities about the human person. Specifically, that human society continues to exist because we (and our ancestors) cause human life to exist through our sexual complementarity and by our acting in accordance with it.
Friends, this is not merely a misguided compassion for a marginalized group of people. This is Orwell’s Newspeak whereby there are no objective standards by which we can direct our thoughts and therefore our actions but only relativistic thoughts with actions as variable as the patterns of the wind. This is simply the next in a series of efforts to scrub our minds clean of the once obvious anchors that objective thought and reason rested upon.
Without these objective anchors our actions are no longer directed by truths communicated to us through our senses by the created world around us, but now these objective truths are easily usurped by new non-objective, that is, subjective, feel-good standards and ideas hammered into our psyches by social messaging. This is the same persuasive messaging that was perfected in the laboratory of consumer goods like toothpaste and clothing brands, but were always on a trajectory to be co-opted by those with a hunger for power, to work their wonders on people where the reward wasn’t merely an uptick in stock prices and the accompanying financial rewards, but the prize of getting ones hands on the lever of the world’s largest employer, the world’s largest economy, the power of legislative fiat, the most powerful army in history (not to mention a nuclear arsenal), an increasingly malleable criminal justice system that can incarcerate any person indefinitely without due process, regulatory agencies that can cripple any domestic institution, and much, much more.
This once relatively benign form of persuasion which formerly appealed to our desire for prestige and sex appeal, now plays on our most valued human sentiments like fairness, compassion, and our own desire for social acceptance. But it also leverages our deepest human fears like the fear of being maligned and outcast, ostracized as an unenlightened knuckle-dragger or just labelled as an old-fashioned bigot; or of having the power of the state crash down on you like the cake bakers and other artisans who have been heavily fined to the point of financial ruin and otherwise punished for not kowtowing into promoting messages that violate their most cherished values and ideas.
We are being shaped by both the carrot and the stick. We are asked to give a little here and a little there – but is it really so little? Are not mothers and all that God has stitched into their sublime nature as women something we are so willing to relinquish to the brave new world our leaders are foisting upon us?
Will you not stand up with me and say “I will not surrender motherhood?”

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  1. Mark says:

    You are lucid and insightful. Thanks for saying what needs to be said.

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